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Throughout history, women have made remarkable contributions in each and every field. Over time, they have continued to prove their point and have made a mark among their people, country, and the world. If you do an elite personal search for famous women, you will find that there are many women who have provided constant support and have been the source of inspiration for many politicians. They have written books, provided significant reviews on the atrocities of the society against women, and have voiced their concerns that made a significant difference to the prevailing conditions. Women have ruled countries, fought countless wars, and have saved countless lives. Their valuable contribution has always been looked up by the society and has made them immortal!

An elite personal search for these women will tell you that they did not have extraordinary skills; they were just like any other woman. They loved dating, went for parties, and made complaints over small things. However, they had the determination and will-power to turn their dreams into reality. Women like Josephine Baker, Abigail Smith Adams, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, and Ida Lewis had a burning desire to make that small difference that would make the world a better place to live in. Success or failure did not matter to them; what mattered to them was the fact that they stood up for a cause and fought for it.  

Roads of Famous Women - An Elite Personal Search for Woman is dedicated to all these women who had the courage to be different. It is a tribute to all women who had a mission in their lives and worked for something that they strongly believed. This Web site (not Elite Personal Search Matchmaking) aspires to provide a biography of elite women throughout history who have made a significant contribution to the society and the world.